Quality Policy        

"The companies that do not perform quality testing or maintain the standards are either out of business or on their way out.”

The quality procedures shows that at Texmo Pipes And Products Limited, the objective of our quality assurance system is to avoid defects in the Pipes and keep accuracy to meet the customers' need rather than to find out the defects. As such, we emphasize quality control right from the beginning, i.e., the raw material inspection and the in-line inspection. The company has on its payroll, qualified persons who are in constant touch with our clients where from our orders are being executed. We also collect quality satisfaction certificates from our clients.

Our Quality procedures are outlined as follows:

  • Raw Materials Inspection - Initial check - Random check.
  • Pre-production meeting of the Quality inspectors and Production staff to ensure all the laid down agreed points for the final product is met and communicated well.
  • In-line Inspection to inspect the quality of work-in-progress goods.
  • Quality testing of Pipes by random sampling lot wise at our in-house laboratory as per Indian & International Standards.
  • Where ever external testing is preferred is also carried only after completion of internal In house Testing.
  • Full Consignment Checking of the processed Pipes before proceeding.
  • Final Inspection of goods and packing list before loading and Dispatch.
  • Verifying everything went in order and duly informing clients of the same.